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[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12785-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-08-06 23:22 6.1MmacOS Disk Image
[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12651-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-06-20 01:49 6.0MmacOS Disk Image
[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12642-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-06-17 02:42 5.9MmacOS Disk Image
[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12632-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-06-14 23:06 5.9MmacOS Disk Image
[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12610-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-06-13 20:39 5.9MmacOS Disk Image
[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12604-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-06-09 21:38 6.0MmacOS Disk Image
[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12602-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-06-09 01:47 5.9MmacOS Disk Image
[   ]openmsx-0.8.2-12600-mac-ppc-bin.dmg2012-06-08 18:15 5.6MmacOS Disk Image

OpenMSX Development Builds:
for macOS generated by Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter (pre-September 2016) and Niek Vlessert (post-September 2016),
for Windows compiled by Vampier,
for Dingux and Android compiled by Manuel "Quibus" Bilderbeek

openMSX icons are created by Eric "AuroraMSX" Boon and used with permission.

If you are on Windows and don't know if you have a 64-bit or 32-bit system, just pick the Windows (32-bit) link. The filenames of the installer versions end with ‘’